Flower-man: A Company built to hand deliver Balloons, Cakes, Chocolates, Flowers, Gift Hampers with Love...

Anupama & Rajan two friends, conceptualised Flower-man on 14th April 2016 with one simple idea; WORK SHOULD BE FUN.

Balloons, Cakes, Chocolates & Flowers are the best Gift idea, but we thought to add something NEW & different in the form of our new creation in the form of "The Chocolate Bouquet" to add surprises & delights - and these stands out from other Gifts. Unique and beautiful (not to mention delicious), the Chocolate Bouquet will never FADE, WILT, or DIE. And they are also great for allergy sufferers or other situations where flowers may be inappropriate (such as Hospitals)

Flower-man's Chocolate Bouquets are arranged with fun, colorful accessories for any occasion. You can even request a custom arrangement for a truly one-of-a-kind gift you'll be remembered for. And did we mention they're delicious?

Balloons are great...

Flowers are nice...

For a lasting impression send a Flower-man's Chocolate Bouquet as a combo with Balloons & Flowers!


Chocolate Bouquet Selection:

Flower-man's Chocolate Bouquet offers wide selection of our own high-quality signature Candies & Chocolates. We also offer sugar-free Candy & Chocolate options, and can usually cater to other dietary needs. Bouquets may vary depending on location, and some offer their own unique selections. Contact us for ur Flower-man's Chocolate Bouquet for your own delicious alternative to Balloons & Flowers, if you're looking to Gift something different.



If you think that giving and receiving a Chocolate Bouquet is fun, just imagine creating them. Flower-man's Chocolate Bouquet Inc. is delivering to over 1000's of it's satisfied customers within a short span of less than 6 months. In fact, Chocolate Bouquet is going to be the largest Chocolate Bouquet franchise in recent times.

With low FRANCHISE FEES & NO ROYALTIES, you don't have to be a millionaire to set up a storefront or home-based franchise business. Flower-man Inc. offers full support including in-house training, supplies & marketing materials.

Find out how we are also a delicious alternative to high-cost franchises!


What is "The Chocolate Bouquet"?

As the name suggests, The Chocolate Bouquet is a fun and unique arrangement that will never WILT, FADE or DIE. Each is designed like a floral display but with candies, chocolates, and accessories instead of flowers. We offer many gourmet arrangements like our Get Well Soon bouquet (U got to come to us to see the difference), as well as seasonal and holiday arrangements. You can view some of our bouquets here.

In fact, the Chocolate Bouquet is a delicious alternative to flowers for any occasion including:





Get Well Soon



Thank You

Wedding & more...

A Chocolate Bouquet is also great in situations where flowers aren't appropriate:

For allergy sufferers, in hospitals and other buildings where flowers discouraged & for people who may not be able to care for them properly.

And best of all, they're delicious!

Take a look at some of our Chocolate Bouquets here. Due to hot weather in India, we prefer to create your creations on ORDER!

Custom orders are also be available on prior notice and requests!